Meet the attendees of Nintendothon Kingdom!

Event Director Jared is ready to save the kingdom at his tenth Nintendothon event! Be sure to join him all five days of the marathon for games and fun!

Ya-ha-ha! It’s a Lindsey! Returning for her tenth Nintendothon event, Lindsey truly cannot wait to jump back into her quest in The Wind Waker this summer! You won’t want to miss it.

Ethan is ready to power up and fight the gloom at his tenth Nintendothon event! Be sure to join him for most of the overnights at Nintendothon Kingdom, they’re sure to be a great time!

Red is ready to join the fight against the gloom at Nintendothon Kingdom! Be sure to stop by the overnights and give Red a hello at her fourth Nintendothon event!

Who’s that skydiving into Nintendothon Kingdom? It’s none other than Chrissy, excited to be returning for her eighth Nintendothon event! She is most looking forward to playing all things Mario at Nintendothon Kingdom, and hopes to see you there!

Returning as a full-time Nintendothon event attendee is Jake! Be sure to join Jake all five days of the event for games including Super Mario Galaxy, Link’s Awakening, and more! Nintendothon Kingdom will be his eighth Nintendothon event.

Adam’s ready to help defeat the gloom this summer! Be sure to give Adam a big hello as he joins us for several days of fundraising this summer! Nintendothon Kingdom will be his fourth Nintendothon event.